Settlement reached before case went to federal district court

VARIETY – By Paul Sweeting

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WASHINGTON — In an accord with wide-reaching implications for the music and movie download biz, Bertelsmann Music subsids CDNow and N2K have agreed not to contest a series of patents held by SightSound Technologies […]

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VARIETY – By Paul Sweeting

WASHINGTON — In a twist that could put a kink in studio and record company online plans, a federal magistrate in Pennsylvania has ruled that patents held by SightSound Technologies for distributing audio and video files over telecommunications networks covers Internet distribution.

The ruling, in a suit brought […]

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Fortune Magazine – Excerpt
01/01/2001 hopes you’ll pay for some of the coolest shorts, movies and music on the Web. The idea of paying may not appeal to all Net surfers, but the prices are very reasonable, and the content is top notch. The 32-minute hit, Quantum Project v 4.0, goes for $3.95.

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On November 30, 2000 By

Variety – Justin Oppelaar

SightSound retools for move from content to tech

NEW YORK — In an apparent move to distance itself from the perilous world of online entertainment distribution, is expanding and reorienting its corporate structure toward technology rather than content, as well as taking on a new name.

The Pennsylvania-based […]

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Gear Magazine – Steve Appleford


A film, animation and music site, has made its name with ‘The Quantum Project’, a downloadable sci-fi drama starring Stephen Dorff and John Cleese that is the first feature film made specifically for the Internet.

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On October 1, 2000 By

eVariety – Justin Oppelaar

With all the crowding by online media pundits lately about the impending broadband Internet revolution, you’d think everyone is now hooked up to the fat data pipe, enjoying all sorts of multimedia content at lightning speed. Hardly.

While ‘Net monitor Jupiter Communications predicts that over 15 million U.S. homes […]

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On September 25, 2000 By

MSNBC – MSNBC Staff and Wire Reports

NEW YORK, Sept. 25 — Almost every week a high- profile dot-com entertainment venture seems to shut down or lay off much of its staff. But it’s not all doom and gloom in the world of Webcasting. will become the online home for past episodes […]

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Wired – Debra Kaufman

While the studios dither over Web strategies, a relatively small production house called Metafilmics rolled tape, clapped states, and produced Quantum Project – a 35-minute drama now playing exclusively at “We’re hoping,” says its coproducer Barnet Bain, “that Quantum Project will help instigate a quantum leap.”

Countless movies […]

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Microsoft (MSFT: news. msgs) said Monday its final version of Windows Media Player 7, to be released at midnight, Pacific time, will include software from Adaptec (ADPT: news, msgs) to support creating custom CDs. The software also offers a built-in media guide. CD copying, a radio tuner, and support […]

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Information World – Geneva Sapp

THE EMERGENCE OF broadband technology, with its promise to reach an even greater number of Internet users, is forcing many digital-media companies to rethink their business strategies. Specifically, companies such as Miramax, Sony, Time Warner, and Universal try to take advantage of a channel that unites sales and […]

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