SightSound Technologies developed several utilities specific to running a new media Commerce system.

Territorial Controls
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SightSound Technologies implements a means for determining a customer’s geographic location. This is done to comply with licensing restrictions per movie title. Using a customer’s IP Address, we retrieve information from a central WhoIs server and parse out the geographic location.

Popup Box for 3rd Party Sites
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We offer a customizable web popup box that 3rd party sites can use to deliver content with no maintenance required on their behalf. This “Popup Box” resides on our web servers but appears to be residing on the 3rd Party Website. The content of this box is database driven and content can be manipulated, added or deleted. In addition, content, size and colors for this box can be different for each 3rd Party Website.

Digital Rights Management/Commerce
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We use Microsoft’s Digital Rights Management (DRM) software to protect our content. This software gives the flexibility to offer rental options as well as full purchase options. The DRM is integrated with Microsoft’s Site Server 3.0, which handles all transactions. We have integrated these two packages in order to provide a stable commerce solution for digitally rights managed files. The DRM software allows files to be distributed from consumer to consumer, but requires a license to play. This license is acquired after a user ‘double-clicks’ on a media file, chooses a duration (rental period or full purchase) and pays with a valid credit card. Territorial Controls are also included in this process and allow or deny access to a license based on the customer’s geographic location, and the territorial rights for that particular media file.

Sales Reporting
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A sales reporting system was set up in order to be able to track sales to specific countries, performance of specific titles and to track customers’ buying habits.
Server Management/Monitoring – We implement a variety of checks and balances to ensure our servers and network are healthy. Some processes are monitored by the Network Administrators, and the Developers monitor others. We have set up an automated notification system for notifying a developer “on call” if a database connection has failed or if our territorial controls are failing. This way, prompt attention can be paid to fixing the problem. In most cases a reboot of the machine will suffice.

Customer Support System
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An in-depth customer support system was put in place to best serve the consumer. A “knowledge-base” was recently added to the website. This contains a list of frequently asked questions as well as a search system to search for a specific problem. An online form that is filled out by a customer having problems is the best way for our support team to assist them. This form will detect many things about the user’s machine such as Operating System, Web Browser, Media Player and their Geographic Location. Having this information along with the specific problem they’re encountering is crucial to solving their problem quickly.

Commerce Administration Utility
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The SightSound Commerce Administration Utility is the heart of our operation. It is responsible for project management and tracking, sales tracking, reports, website management, file management and a host of other features. This utility allows internal users to see what projects are available to work on, and tracks those projects from inception to completion, keeping track of all the steps along the way. This utility also allows a Content Programmer to set features for the website and turn movies on or off at a moment’s notice. The utility is also responsible for managing files and assets for the website. Media files and Shockwave Flash files that support a movie are sent to the “live” servers once they are completed. This utility also manages lists of projects that aren’t related to the production flow and are on an individual basis. These projects can involve just one person or multiple people.

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