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Comments on Successful Reexam | SightSound Technologies

Comments on the successful reexamination of United States Patents:


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5,191,573    “method for transmitting a desired digital video or audio signal”
5,675,734    “system for transmitting desired digital video or audio signals”
5,966,440    “system and method for transmitting desired digital video or audio signals”

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Back in the 80’s when I came up with the invention to electronically sell movies and music over the Internet, my father told me ‘if you have a better way, patent it, or the big guys will steal your ideas.’ I took his advice and obtained the patents that have now been fully tested through the reexam process.

Arthur Hair
Co-Founder and Board Member
Former Chief Technology Officer of the Walt Disney Studios

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Our patents enabled us to sell the world’s first music downloads in 1995 and the world’s first movie downloads in 1999. The SightSound Patents gave a small company from Pittsburgh the power to launch an industry. Now, through our SightSoundCloud initiative, the innovation continues with media cloud related patents in the fields of audio/video e-commerce, audio/video compression, applied encryption, and trusted peer-to-peer networks.

Scott Sander
Co-Founder and Board Member
President and CEO of SightSound Technologies

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SightSound laid the groundwork for how entertainment is distributed and consumed today, and I am glad that they are being recognized by the United States Patent and Trademark Office for their pioneering vision.

Ari Emanuel
Board Member
Chairman of WME Entertainment
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SightSound Technologies set a clear path for the industry. They were early defenders of the value of movie and music copyrights in an era of rampant internet piracy. The SightSound patents are an affirmation of their commitment to the value of intellectual property in the digital age.

Frank Biondi
Board Member
Former President and CEO of Viacom
Former Chairman of Universal Studios
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America must protect the innovative individual and the small businesses they create if we are to succeed as a nation.  It may have taken a while, but coming through the Patent Office’s examination process not once but now twice, is testament to the U.S. government’s recognition of the genuine innovation of inventors like Arthur Hair and the need to protect them. That protection, in turn, allows innovators like SightSound to grow, create new jobs and contribute to all of our future prosperity.

Q. Todd Dickinson
Board Member
Former Under Secretary of Commerce for Intellectual Property and Director United States Patent and Trademark Office
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