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History | SightSound Technologies

SightSound Advertisement, Back Cover of Variety, January 5, 2000

In the late 1980s, SightSound Technologies believed that the future of consumer entertainment was in transmission via the internet, not VCR tapes, CDs or DVDs.

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In 1995, SightSound was the first company to commercially distribute music in download fashion via the Internet.

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In 1999, SightSound was the first company to commercially distribute movies in download fashion via the Internet. SightSound has sold movies in 77 countries.

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The SightSound platform allowed consumers to rent and purchase downloadable movies from:

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–official movie or studio websites, for consumers who know what movie they want to watch;

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–banner ads triggering direct downloads, for impulse buyers from a targeted audience;

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–peer-to-peer file-sharing networks;

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–and directly on’s platform.

SightSound owned four U.S. patents covering the method and system for delivering movies and other digital video and digital audio recordings for commercial purposes via telecommunications lines, including the Internet.
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