In the 1990s, SightSound Technologies patented methods to address the following scenario:

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Imagine someone with a smartphone makes an “uncompressed” high definition video and the master source file is saved in the “static file format.” That compressed static file format could be wirelessly uploaded from the smartphone to the cloud using less bandwidth and less time. Once in the Cloud, the static file format would be expanded to a “dynamic file format” to full high definition. The consumer would then be able to do with the video master as they wish. Think of it as cloud-based movie making.

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SightSound Technologies holds the following patents relevant to audio and video compression:

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United States – 6,014,491
United States – 6,721,491
United States – 7,418,189

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Australia – 6341198
Australia – 752057
Canada – 2,279,853
Canada – 2,594,843
China – 1252917
China – 98803071
Hong Kong – 1025208
Japan – 4,614,474
New Zealand – 337344
Singapore – 67158

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